I am an awesome “Designer & Coder” with only focus towards my career growth with zeal of proving what I am capable of in my profession. Designing stunning & intelligent interfaces is my passion and that i am fond of it the foremost.

This is something serious for me. When I design UI for websites and mobile, I pretend as if I am just making another masterpiece & it’s the only reason that motivated me to become a talented UI/UX designer being a Bachelor in Multimedia and Animation. Mine major inclination is towards making beautiful and appealing websites and User Interfaces for mobile and tablet devices that are not only unique, clever but are more focused toward the end user of it.

My hunger to learn, do something great, just out of the box has helped me achieve things that I had ever strive for. I find pleasure in making things that are just simple but are innovative. While I get my motivation and get inspired by people who take futuristic steps in their designing, I try to adapt that in my own flavor. Every single design for website, Mobile & Web Application or even for stationary gives me the challenge to make it distinct, modern, look great and work awesome.

Most of guys think that coding is just writing code to run an application and anyone can do it with ease. But, I think coding is a serious job, to implement the code with clean, easy & applying the logic in correct place for the moment of time. The results of applying the logic correctly will always be a faster, reliable, clean & perfectly working application.

In short, love to design and expertise in HTML & CSS. I am the one of the best coders & issues fixer for all web/mobile application and websites from static to full responsive driven. I never stop learning, because have to become the best.